Getting Rid of Termites with Termite Stakes

Many home owners have a similar pest that can cost them thousands of dollars in damages if not eradicated, and this is the termite. Controlling termites can be an expensive process but it can also be done by the homeowner on their own. There are home termite control kits available that have stakes and instructions on how to bait the stakes around the home and it does in time get rid of the pests.

Controlling Termites with Termite Stakes

These stakes come in a bait form or a detection form, the detecting stakes are placed in the ground to alert the owner as to whether there are termites and the baiting stakes are placed in afterwards and they contain the poison which the termites will eat and take back to the nest and hopefully kill the other termites.

Prevention, Controlling and Identifying Termites

Most homes have what is called subterranean termites and those individuals that live in coastal areas may have dry wood termites. The best way to get rid of these termites is with the bait systems or with the termite mulch. The best way of home termite prevention is to not invite them in with wood debris, and use sand barriers to keep them away.

Controlling termites is possible with stakes; the detecting stakes are placed around the perimeter of the home about 10 feet apart and at least 3 feet from the floor of the property. Once the inner mechanism in the stake pops up it will alert the owner to the presence of termites. Once this is done the stakes are removed and the baiting stakes are put in. It can take up to 8 or nine months to kill the entire nest, and it must be checked periodically to ensure the nest is destroyed.


Controlling termites can be done by the home owner but in cases of severe infestation a professional should be called. The stakes are an excellent way to destroy the colonies of termites for a reasonable price it can be done by the homeowner.

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