Wood or Metal Platform Bed Frames. What is Right For You?

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Having the right Bed or Mattress frame adds an element of comfort to your nightly rest.

Everyone knows how important a good mattress is when it comes to a good night’s sleep, but did you know that it’s just as important to have the right bed frame? Since frames are often used for many years, they require careful consideration.

The most common materials used to make bed frames are metal and wood.  Among these two choices, however, there are many degrees of quality and a wide range of designs. The choice of material is largely a matter of personal preference and individual need.  Especially for the king or queen platform bed frame. These frames need to be strong enough to support both the mattress and the person or the people that will be using the bed.

platform bed frame

A Platform Bed Frame is a whole lot more elegant than these standard metal bed frames.

Metal frames can be one of several kinds: iron, steel, brass, or a combination of these. All of these metals can be durable, and so can many kinds of wood.  Hard woods, such as oak, maple, or cherry, are usually long-lasting and appealing.  The style of either frame varies from simple platforms to ornate patterns, and prices vary accordingly.

Both wood and metal platform bed frames have their pros and cons.  Wood is susceptible to fire and to bugs such as termites.  Some metals, on the other hand, are prone to bending or rusting and may be squeaky. With a little care, all of these problems can be avoided.

Cleaning bed frames regularly will keep them in good shape and prevent damage.  If a wooden frame has not been treated for termites before its purchase, anti-termite treatment can be applied by its owner. Metal frames, on the other hand, should come with anti-rust paint or other anti-corrosive qualities.

Functionality comes first, but there’s no reason to stop there. From contemporary wood to Victorian iron, there’s a bed for every budget and every taste.


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