Consider Amber Earrings For A Splash Of Color

amber earrings

Amber is used in earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry like charms and charm bracelets

One piece of jewelry that has started to make a serious comeback in recent times is amber earrings. They used to be incredibly popular back in the Victorian era, but in those days, the amber was refined and purified to perfection, so all the impurities and air bubbles were removed.

Today, most people prefer the character and uniqueness of less refined amber, and like it to contain those small air bubbles or colored impurities. So these days, about the only process that large pieces of amber go through is surface polishing to make them smooth.

Amber appears in a whole variety of different types of jewelry, both men’s and women’s, finding use in ladies’s earrings as well as in men’s rings and cufflinks. For a really pretty effect, the raw material can be use in tiny pieces of different colors in amber chandelier earrings.

Amber is not actually classified as a gemstone, so most jewelry containing it is relatively cheap; however, the material does still need to be set into a precious metal so this is where you might find a lot of the cost. The material is made from fossilizing pine tree resin, a process which takes many years, and depending on the nature of the impurities which find their way into it, different colors are produced. In the distant past amber was probably used in the manufacture and composition of charms jewelry and amulets.

The most commonly encountered colors are brown, orange, yellow and white, but in rare circumstances, blue and green amber was also formed. Because of such a wide variation in the color, there is always a perfect metal setting to make earrings, whatever shade is chosen. So you can find inexpensive sterling silver ones or more expensive platinum or white gold ones to hang on your overdoor jewelry organizer.

Although you will definitely be able to find a cheap and beautiful pair of amber earrings, take a moment to think before parting with your cash. Even though we might be talking about small amounts of money, you should certainly still demand that you get genuine amber, as there are always people who will try to sell fake jewelry. Take a little care to make sure, as it is very easy to detect fakes. Genuine amber floats in salty water, but if the stuff somebody is trying to sell to you actually sinks, then it’s definitely a fake.

For those of you who are still looking after the cash, after recent dismal economic times, it is still possible to buy a little cheer, by opting for a gorgeous pair of affordable sterling silver amber earrings, to brighten up your mood, and for that extra modern twist, go for green amber earrings instead of orange.

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