How Does Wave Front Lasik Work?

When it comes to vision correction, the standard today is Lasik eye surgery.  Due to its high rates of success and quick recovery time, many patients absolutely swear by this procedure.  However, in recent years, this process has become even more refined.  This new procedure is called Wave Front Lasik Eye Surgery. Since this procedure is so new, we are going to explain it in more detail below.

During Wave Front Lasik, an eye surgeon uses the latest vision correction technology to provide the best individualized vision correction he or she can. The surgeon does this by using the Lasik laser to first create a very detailed three dimensional map of the patient’s eye.

wave front lasik eye surgery

There is even more success being found for vision problems by surgeons using the new Wave Front Lasik Eye Surgery procedure.

This map is very important because it allows the eye surgeon to identify and treat eye abnormalities that could have easily been missed in the past. Due to this detailed analysis, the surgeon is able to make very precise adjustments to the computer, resulting in a dramatically improved success rate in obtaining 20/20 vision correction.

Once all of the analysis has been completed, the surgeon makes a small flap in the patient’s cornea. At this point, the surgeon uses an excimer laser to vaporize a small portion of the patient’s stoma, which causes the cornea to reshape itself.  This reshaping of the cornea is enough to remedy the patient’s refractive problem (whether it is nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism).

In case you are wondering, the difference in perfect vision correction in Wave Front Lasik over traditional Lasik is over fifteen percent.

Of course, with such a higher probability of achieving perfect vision correction, a Wave Front Lasik patient can expect to pay more for this version of Lasik. Generally, this increase will usually be around fifteen percent, or an extra three hundred dollars per eye (or six hundred dollars more for both eyes).

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