Pool Lesson For All Skill Levels

how to play pool for beginners

Learning how to play pool can be lots of fun.

Pool players of all calibers need a vast supply of new drills and pool lessons to help them stay sharp and focused. Relying on only a small portfolio of drills can lead to stagnation and boredom, which will give poor results for all your hours of effort at practice. Here is one more fantastic pool lesson to add you your notes: The Grid. It is designed to improve your short range cue ball control, and can be practiced on any kind of pocketed pool table, be it a short beat up bar table or a grand 9 foot Mizerak pool table.


  • lay out a line of five balls across the  head-string of the pool table. Space them evenly, and be sure to freeze the first and last ball against the rails at the diamonds.
  • place the second line of five balls immediately behind the first row, spaced one diamond back towards the head-rail. All balls should line up behind the first row you created, giving you a grid of ten balls, evenly spaced.
  • set out a final row of three pool balls frozen against the head-rail, one ball at each diamond. Now you have THE GRID.

From here, you begin by giving yourself ball-in-hand. Your goal is to shoot in every ball in one inning, without missing and without disturbing any ball but the current target. This is a great pool lesson for developing your short-range cue ball control. You need strong focus and sharp analysis of your efforts and their results. Players learning how to play pool for beginners through to professionals can take benefit from this drill as it demands a delicate touch to control the speed of the cue ball, as well as creative thinking in order to choose good shot patterns that will move the cue ball around the table with the least amount of fuss or difficulty.

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