Silk Sewing Thread – Durable and Attractive

Silk sewing thread is considered as one of the most durable and high quality sewing threads. The thread, which is a natural fiber, provides a unique and appealing look when used for sewing or embroidery purposes. It is available in varying textures, sizes and colors suitable for varied type of sewing.  Although the thread is expensive than other traditional threads, it is mostly used in thin and delicate outfits or garments and accessories.

It is regarded that pure or natural filament silk is the best quality silk sewing thread available. This silk popularly known as nette is pure and does not include any artificial ingredients as the long strands of the silk come directly from the silkworm. Further, the fiber is not spun for future use. Spun or schappe silk on the other hand comprise of shorter fibers and is obtained from broken or hatched cocoons.


Silk sewing thread offers a natural beauty and remarkable touch to any sewing work. The thread being strongest of all types of threads helps to resist breakage and snags. It also holds the properties to last for years. The other added benefit of this thread is that it can be easily stretched and used on knit fabrics too.

In comparison to other threads, silk thread does not tend to lose color or fade. It can be gently washed with mild or less harsh soapy solution and also used in the washing machine. However, bleaching agents need to be avoided as it could damage the texture of the threads. The thread is highly recommended for use in tailoring or fashion designing as it can be perfectly molded in shaped areas of a fabric. In addition, it does not leave holes following stitching or any traces after pressing or ironing a material.

With threads made of silk available in different luster and strength, it would be ideal to choose silk sewing thread, which is compatible with both the fabric content and structure. It would also be helpful to seek expert advice to choose the right quality thread, which is worth the investment and while there is a time and place for other threads such as those made of wool for sewing heavy wool coats the silk thread is ideal for silk garments.

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