How To Sell and Get Quick Cash For Your Boat

how to get quick cash for boat

You can get more cash for your boat by following some easy tips.

Follow the tips on how to sell your boat that are listed below and you can have some quick cash coming into your hands in no time at all.

  • Reach out to people – Advertising is an important part of a sale of any product. Reach out to people through ads in newspapers and on the internet.  Craigslist is a good place to start.
  • Cleanliness is Godliness – Keeping your boat spick and span will make it look more desirable. An instant love for it will be created when a buyer sees it. A thorough cleaning and waxing will make it more desirable.
  • Always answer the phone – If you have advertised in a newspaper or the internet, you are obviously going to be getting calls from prospective buyers.  If you are not answering the phone you are going to miss potential buyers, and you definitely won’t get quick cash for boat.
  • Right price – Make sure the price you set for your boat is right.  Not too much nor too little. Research the internet for prices of similar boats and set your price accordingly.  Ask a little bit more than you expect to get because most people will want to haggle.  If you leave some room to come down, your buyer will feel they got a good deal.
  • Fun experiences – Keeping posters of the fun times you had on your boat will make a buyer quite emotional. He will imagine himself in your place and want to have some fun as well.  If you are behind on your payments and facing boat repossession this will really help you to sell your boat fast.
  • Records – Keeping records of repairs and maintenance will show how much you have cared for your boat and will create a feeling of trust in the buyer’s mind.
  • Be unique – While showing your boat make sure you say things in an enthusiastic way. Talking about the boat in a boring way will make the boat seem boring to your potential buyer in many cases.
  • Throw in some extras – If you have a boat fridge,  a fish finder, or life jackets, you can add those in as an incentive to buy.  Just mention “extras” in your advertisement and you will get more calls.

So these were some tips which will help you in selling your boat. Remember, it most likely won’t sell in just a couple of days. Give it some time, your hard work will pay off and you will most likely get your asking price.

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