How To Upcycle Your Clothes

The psyche of the consumer has changed, no longer do people want to stay within a format or the “norm” instead people want to break free from conformity and instead showcase their own individual style. The trend is to be different, individual and unique; embracing your own individual style and wearing clothes that are one offs.

upcycled clothing ideas

Upcycling is a way to repurpose old things.

The problem with fashion, and the solution.

One problem…With the economic downturn in full swing, everyone’s purse strings have seen a tighten and having the spare cash to buy unique boutique one offs or enough accessories to draw attention away from the fact that you are wearing a run of the mill high street number is becoming increasingly difficult.

Make way for the new fashion buzz – Upcycling.

Upcycling has become popular over the years thanks to the likes of Gok Wan who has shown us how to do it on one of his many fashion shows.

Instead of throwing away old clothes or passing onto charity shops, why don’t you think twice and see if you can think up of a way to upcycle?

Suggested techniques for upcycling your cast-offs.

Trending upcycling techniques include tie dye, dip dye, embellishing, adding frills or lace to garments or fringing clothes. All these techniques are seen in fashion magazines, high street shops and catwalks at the moment.

Why not save yourself some money and give upcycling a go yourself creating something totally one off and unique. Choose your item of clothing that you want to give a new lease of life, have a look online or in one of the fashion magazines for inspiration of what is current and of the moment.

Perhaps you have an old pair of jeans that you don’t wear anymore or are out of fashion. Why not upcycle and make them into a pair of embellished denim shorts?

  • Take your old pair of jeans and lay them flat on an even surface.  It might be an idea to try your jeans on first and mark with a white pencil or a pen so you know what your desired length would be.
  • Fold the jeans, and with a pair of scissors cut your jeans to your desired short length. Discard your unwanted denim, or perhaps save the material for use on upcycling another garment at a later date.
  • Now go to town with embellishments, choose from rhinestones, glitter, ribbon, buttons, best to go to your local haberdashery shop and decide what theme you would like to go with. I like the idea of buttons sewn onto the back pockets, for a cute girl next door look. Lay your embellishments flat on your jeans and arrange into your favoured design then get a needle and thread and get sewing your decorations into place!

And there you have it! A new item of clothing for your wardrobe that has not cost you penny!

This article was written by an online retailer of upcycled clothing as well as men’s and women’s reclaimed vintage clothing and accessories.

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