How To Avoid Fake Designer Jewelry Online

Taking a few simple precautions when buying designer jewelry online is strongly recommended because there are many websites that sell counterfeit designer jewelry on the internet.

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Who Are the Targets?

The counterfeiters target the most popular brands and types of jewelry because of the attractive amounts of potential money that can be made from exploiting the success of these brands. Trollbeads, Chamilia and Thomas Sabo charms jewelry have been heavily targeted in recent years.  Rolex watches, Coach bags, and other well known brands are always targets too.

These brands have done their best to protect their own interests as well as their loyal customers from becoming victims of these unscrupulous counterfeiters by taking the appropriate action to get the illegal websites shut down.

However, it takes time to prosecute these fake websites and so they can remain online trading for some time before they get shut-down. For this reason you should know what to look out for in order to help protect yourself from unintentionally buying counterfeit jewelry.

What Are The Tell-tale Signs of Fakes?

The first thing which should immediately raise your suspicion about the authenticity of the jewelry that these websites sell is that their prices are artificially low in comparison to the competition.

There is no way that any one retailer can massively under-cut the prices other websites for the majority of their products. This is because retailers who sell genuine jewelry get their stock through the same distributors at a very similar cost price.

Any retailers who sell branded jewelry at ridiculously low prices is more than likely selling cheap counterfeit goods.

Beware of Unprofessional Websites

Another tell-tale sign of bad seller is that their websites don’t contain any genuine contact information, such as trading address and telephone number.

Some of the worst websites also have ‘unprofessional’ content on them such as poor grammar and bad text and images. This is because many of the websites are based in the far-east and they try to replicate English / USA businesses. Any reputable jewelry retailer would be sure to get these aspects of their websites correct and at the very least display their email and telephone contact details.

Check With the Original Manufacturer

To be absolutely sure that the company you are dealing with is legitimate then you should check with the original manufacturer.  Thomas Sabo as well as other major jewelry brands have a list of retailers who are authorised to sell their products on their website. Choosing a seller from these lists of authorized stockists will ensure that you don’t get scammed by the counterfeiters.

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