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skinny jeans for boys

Skinny jeans have had a long and trendy history throughout American fashion culture.

Boys skinny jeans are becoming extremely popular and trendy due to the vast amount of celebrities wearing them on late night talk shows, on stage, in photos, and on television.

Many people might think that skinny jeans have just recently become a big hit all across the world; however, this is not the case.   Skinny jeans have had a long and trendy history throughout American fashion culture.

Beginning in the 1950s, skinny jeans were featured by megalithic actors and pop stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando. From there they did not simply vanish, but exploded onto the rock star scene in the 1980s when every rocker, whether they be in their garage or in Madison Square Garden, jammed in their skin tight jeans.

It only takes a few minutes to check photos of your favorite celebrities to realize just how popular and consistent the skinny jeans trend has been throughout the years.

Nonetheless, skinny jeans are hard to find in your local retail stores. Large department stores seem to be behind the popularity and consumer demand for skinny jeans because they simply aren’t properly stocking them adequately.

Many times I’ve heard of clothing reps at large retail stores refer people looking for skinny jeans for boys to the girls section to look at the freesoul jeans claiming that they fit the same.  I don’t think so.   Skinny jeans for boys are extremely difficult to find and even more difficult to get the perfect fit.

You can’t expect a form-fitting jean that’s made for girls to fit an athletic boy.  Skinny jeans for boys are made to ride high in the crotch area.  They are ideal for skinny waistlines and slender body types because they accentuate the length and athletic build of young males.

You can find skinny jeans for boys at large retail stores for around $40-$60.  However, the hardest part is finding them at all and once you find them making sure they fit your body type and style. 

For this reason I recommend shopping online at sites like Amazon in order to avoid the frustration altogether. Also, you can save anywhere from 10-40% off the large department store retail prices and chose from a much larger variety of colors, styles, brands, and materials.

Amazon also sells designer boys skinny jeans made by Guess. While they are significantly cheaper than the Guess website, they are the more expensive brand of skinny jeans offered from Amazon.  If you’re looking for a middle ground, then get a pair of Levi skinny jeans for boys from Amazon because they are very durable and high-quality denim.

Lastly, it is a somewhat less talked about fact, but important nonetheless to determine which kind of shoes you’re going to wear with your skinny jeans.  Many of these pairs of  jeans tend to make seemingly normal shoes seem bulky, so it’s important to find a sleek shoe such as converse or bandolino shoes.

Once you have your shoes and jeans all figured out maybe it is now time to look at some of the new and fashionable wool coats for winter.

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