Insanity Workout vs P90X: P90X Add-ons

As you may have already read in some weight loss blogs that the P90X workout program is an extremely popular home-based workout system.

Horton developed this program where he makes use of the principles of periodization to provide full body transformation in as short as 90 days. The P90X is different from other workout programs as it is focused on working out both the muscular and cardiovascular system, which results to increased stamina and strength.

These results can be achieved by continuously challenging the body with varying exercises like plyometrics, circuit training and interval training among others.

The program comes in 13 DVDs.  Obviously you will need a DVD player and a television for the program.

For your exercises, you are required to have resistance bands or dumbbells that weigh 10 to 50 pounds. You will also need a pull-up bar that you can mount on your doorframe.

A yoga mat is necessary as well to prevent any injuries while working out. Although this is not a requirement, you may choose to purchase a heart monitor as well. This can help you assess your fatigue and efforts level and measure your progress in the program. A heart rate monitor can be very helpful when you are performing your cardio exercises.

Since P90X is a high-intensity program, proper nutrition is of utmost importance. Within the 60 minutes of your workout, you have to consume a recovery drink that is loaded with protein and carbohydrates.

This will replenish the lost energy and repair your muscles. You can opt for your preferred energy drink or you can try BeachBody’s Peak Recovery formula. This energy drink contains high amounts of proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids. For your body’s general nutrition, you may also try BeachBody’s Peak Health Formula. This can help you maintain your overall wellbeing to make sure that you will not miss a day of exercise.

These are just some of the reasons why Insanity workout vs P90X are being compared. Insanity does not require any additional equipment to be completed. It is one month shorter than P90X and does not require any supplements.

However, many people find Insanity unsuitable for those who are just getting started with high intensity workouts. It was also believed that P90X is more suitable for beginners because it has lighter exercises with high positive results. The choice of course depends on your preference. However, before making a final decision, make sure that you do a little research first.

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