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Fast-paced music and workout songs have been shown to actually increase a person's heart rate and actually increase performance in those who listened to it while exercising.

While it should not be a surprise, recent studies have shown that music has a physiological effect on the human body. This attribute can be used to increase both speed and performance when it comes to exercise.

For example, fast-paced music has been shown to actually increase a person’s heart rate and actually increase performance in those who listened to it while exercising.

Fortunately these days, with small digital players very commonplace, it is very easy to listen to music over the earphones without disturbing others while you are exercising.

It is also a fairly simple matter to convert songs from one format to another, so even if you download the songs in one format you should be able to easily convert them to a format that is compatible with your player of choice.

If you are trying to increase your jogging speed or cycling rate for example, or enhance your gym workout routines for women, you may want to choose some workout songs that are quite fast-paced.

The music does not have to be limited to any one style; most genres have faster songs available. Therefore, whether you like to listen to country, hip-hop or Latin music it should be fairly easy to select songs that are suitable.

It is very easy to download music these days. You can simply download one or two tracks from your favorite artist and combine these with other fast-paced songs to make up your workout play list.  You may want to try and download or somehow obtain around 100 songs for your play list as that way you will have plenty of variety to listen to.

A good suggestion is to download some very fast-paced songs and some that are a little slower. You can time your workout to these songs, listening to the slightly slower paced songs at the beginning when you are warming up and as you cool down at the end of your workout.

During the most intense part of your workout you can listen to the faster paced songs. Try it and see if your performance does not improve!

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