Is Documents To Go The Best iPad Office App?

best iPad apps

Mobile computing has become so much easier now that you can have your iPad office suite, which according to many people is one of the best iPad apps.

If you are using your iPad for business then you may be looking for the best iPad office app that will give you all that you need to open Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

Having the ability to use any of this type of software certainly helps one to be more productive when they are traveling.

Mobile computing has become so much easier now that you can have your iPad office suite. If you don’t use Pages, Numbers, or Keynote, then you could use Documents To Go, or Documents To Go Premium. You may view, edit and even create Microsoft Word type of documents while you are mobile.

You have the freedom to do advanced viewing and just about everything you can do on your laptop or office computer. There are features such as touch navigation, bulleted and numbered lists, tables, and even things like word count so that you can do whatever you need to do to produce the finished article.

Documents To Go will also let you do all the editing and creating of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets while you are out on the road.  You will have all the formulas you like to use, plus cell and number formatting so that you will  be able to produce an excellent looking Excel spreadsheet.

In the premium edition of the Documents To Go office iPad suite of applications there is Microsoft PowerPoint editing.

As we all know it is often necessary to make last minute changes so that a big presentation that we plan to give so that it can be as perfect as it can be.   It is good to have the ability to rearrange the slides or maybe work on a specific slide to add images or extra text or make sure that all the spellings are correct before you show it on the big screen.

Another feature of the Documents To Go Premium version is the ability to use Google Docs,, SugarSync or Dropbox.  This is useful so that you can synchronize online account and have the latest version of your files available to you wherever you are.

So as you can see there are many choices available.  You should try a number of these iPad office apps or suites of applications to see which one suits you best.

As the popularity of the iPad and other tablet type computing devices grows, the availability of every kind of software will grow too.  Already there are many different kinds of iPad accessories, and the market for Android devices and add-ons is growing by leaps and bounds too.

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