All About the HCG Belly Fat Diet

Natural HCG dieting is unlike any other belly fat diet plan found today.

Users may be surprised to learn that this product contains compounds derived from human hormones.

Human Gonadotrophin, or HCG is a hormone produced by women that are pregnant. HCG helps expectant mothers give energy to their fetus by carrying fats stored in the body to sites that produce energy.

Experts have discovered this hormone to be successful as a dieting tool. Research has discovered, that even though HCG is a pregnancy hormone, it will burn fat in individuals who are not pregnant as well.

Unfortunately there are negative side effects and dangers to HCG dieting,  like dementia, headaches, depression, and blood clots. Still, many find this to be a promising diet tool, because it is generated by the human body.

HCG belly fat diet offers an interesting and successful approach to weight loss. Not only does it burn unwanted fat, but it seem to also specifically target stubborn belly fat making the abdomen more firm and slim in as little as a few weeks.

Some experts believe that HCG diet is more successful for women than men. Logically, this may be because HCG is a pregnancy hormone, and the woman’s body is designed to absorb the hormone better.

Others scientific professionals say this is untrue and those that strictly follow the diet will see excellent results regardless of being a male or female.

For the first two days after beginning HCG users should follow their normal eating plan.

Beginning on day three the user should begin reducing his or her food intake while beginning to eat foods high in protein, and fresh vegetables. This will cause stimulation of the body into using what fat it has already consumed. Eventually the stored fat levels will decrease all stored fat in the body resulting in satisfactory weight loss.

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