Is Pest Control Really Necessary?

For the few insect lovers out there, pest control is an unnecessary show of force as insects help keep other bugs under control and are food for other organisms.

However, some pose a threat to certain plant species which is a problem especially if a state is attempting to increase the cover of forests and other green areas.

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For instance, many cities have asked their citizens to be on the lookout for the Emerald Ash Borer, a beetle that’s known to infest and harm ash trees. As such, pest control in these cities is witnessing higher vigilance to keep the insects at bay.

Under the term pest control, the organisms that come under purview can comprise of termites, beetles, raccoons, rats and mice. Not only can they be carriers of disease, but they could potentially hurt children and adults alike.

It’s true that most times pests enter our homes and gardens owing to shrinking habitat and our encroachment into areas inhabited by other animals; which is why it’s important that humane methods are employed by firms engaging in pest removal in inhabited areas.

Destruction of property

Termites, mice and rats are known to be able to eat through very hard materials like concrete and wood. Over time, these creatures can weaken foundations of buildings to the point that they may become more prone to earthquakes and other elements.

Pests can also attract other animals and this is especially true if you live in the country. Hence, controlling the population of pests is crucial if you don’t want to get bitten or have your home slowly crumbling down around you.

Impact on health

For those living in places where pest control is non-existent, certain types of animals are kept as pets to ward off ‘invasive’ species. But allergies – for instance, to cats – may prove to be counter-productive. The fecal matter of creatures like rats and mice as well as diseases such as rabies, E. Coli and Salmonella poisoning can prove to be dangerous to humans and pets alike.

How Can A Pest Control Company Help?

Pest control agencies conduct inspections and fumigation to rid a house of pests. Applications can last for up to a year so it isn’t as financially burdening as one would expect.

Some also offer senior citizen discounts amounting to 10 percent as well as free estimates. In addition, such firms can be called upon for emergencies round the clock. They also offer one-off contracts or long-term agreements to suit clients’ budgets.

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