Worst Things That Can Happen To Your Outdoor Cushions

outdoor cushionsYou know for a fact that outdoor cushions are constantly exposed to various environmental factors. However, no matter how strong these factors are, your cushions are still capable of surviving.  In fact, they can easily resist extreme weather conditions.

Yet, you have to realize that even if they are designed that way, they are still frail and fragile. You would just wake up one day seeing these cushions in a total wreck.  Here are some things that can happen to these outdoor cushions at its worst;

  • Holes all over due to rat and other insect bites.  In this instance, your cushions can no longer do anything. Even if outdoor cushion cover fabrics are hard and sturdy, they might not be able to resist bites by insects with strong teeth. When this happens, you can’t do anything to save the face of your cushions. The least that you can do is to keep your house clean at all times.
  • Scattered on the floor filled with mud. Sometimes, typhoons can be very strong. It can also blow very strong winds. This is the reason why cushions fall on the floor. If water level rises up and soil becomes muddy, your cushions will totally be wrecked.
  • Children can also become the reason for the destruction of these cushions. They think that these cushions are toys. Thus, they will end up playing with them and eventually destroying the cover. Fillings will then come out. If this happens, you have no other choice but to buy new cushions.

There might be worse than these instances, as there are a variety of insects that live in outdoor cushions. Most people end up with bugs in outdoor cushions from lack of proper care.  However, you can prevent all that by being a responsible owner.

If you do have bugs in your cushions you can easily get rid of them by spraying them with any of the bug killing sprays available at your local store.  You will want to rinse the cushions and padding a day after spraying to get rid of any smelly residue.

You also have to do your part in keeping the lives of these cushions long.  Later on, you might also want to try a Shiatsu back massage cushion. Most people love having one around.

In regards to your outdoor patio and outdoor garden areas, many people find that adding some outdoor lighting such as outdoor copper lanterns and even some cheap solar lights really brightens up the nighttime hours and helps to make time spent outside the home more enjoyable.

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