Lego Vikings Toys

Between 2005 and 2007, Lego introduced the Lego Vikings Toys.

lego toy viking woman picture

Lego Viking Woman

These were exciting sets for kids and adults alike. There were quite a few mini figures available, complete with helmets, weapons, and other accessories.

There were enough blocks in the sets to build sea serpents and dragons, along with other enemies to fight.

Each Viking warrior had a specific monster to battle from a story line that was similar to Norse mythology.

Most kids or adult collectors had to have each set as if there was some urgency to defeat all of the monsters.

Most Popular Lego Viking Toy Sets?

One of the most popular sets was the Viking Warrior Challenges the Fenris Wolf Set.

It was released in 2005. The Viking Warrior needed to battle the Fenris Wolf whose body could be posed in a couple of threatening positions – either crouched or ready to leap. Usually, the Viking Warrior had little trouble winning since he had an axe, a shield, and a large sword.

One of the best parts of this army Lego set was that there were 75 pieces to it.  Also, the set coordinated with other ones in the Viking series, so a complete Viking village could be built for real-life battles.

Lego Viking Sets

lego viking ship versus midgard serpent set 7018

Lego Viking Ship versus Midgard Serpent Set

Many of these sets are hard to get at any price now as they had limited production.

Another exciting set was released in 2005. This was the Viking Boat versus Wyvern Dragon Set.

It came complete with a dragon with an authentic-looking Viking longboard. It also had two mini figures of Viking Warriors. Their weapons were axes, swords, and shields.

The most interesting thing about this 112 piece set is that the Viking longboat can be made into two smaller boats. Each one has a mast for the warriors. The other option is to make the longship into one longboat that both warriors can fit into.

The Viking Warriors must fight and defeat the Wyvern Dragon with his flexible multi-colored wings. He is constructed of many Technic-like pieces which makes the fight even more fun.

A set that was also released in 2005 was the Viking Catapult against the Nidhogg Dragon Set. Two mini figures of Viking Warriors, complete with their weapons of swords, shields, and axes, had to fight the giant dragon. The Nidhogg Dragon is a bright orange color and he has flexible wings. He tries to steal the treasure chest of topazes, so he must be stopped.

This 225 piece set has a very powerful catapult that has three crossbows that can fire from it for some real fun and action for kids and adults alike.

This guest post was written by Chloe from Kids Army Toys.


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