Let In The Light- The Benefits of New Windows

Check it out! For most homeowners the biggest worry in the current economy is simply making the bills every month. From the mortgage to the electricity bill, any savings you can possibly manage are worth it!

You try turning down the AC and the heater and shivering or sweltering depending upon the season and your bills probably aren’t shrinking like you’d like them too. Which has you screaming- “There has got to be a better way!”

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You can save a lot on your home energy bill by replacing your windows with energy efficient ones.

Well guess what—THERE IS! Your electricity bill isn’t shrinking because no matter how much you lower your thermostat the heat’s going right out the windows, literally!

It’s time for you to consider what new replacement windows could do for you!

Replacement Windows Can Do What?

Even in the last ten years home building materials have vastly improved. Single pane windows are out- double and triple pane windows are in!

When it comes to your bills you’ll be singing the “hallelujah chorus” after you install replacement windows because of the effect they’ll have on your bills.

Overall, replacement windows provide a slew of fantastic benefits for your home and it’s equity.

  • Privacy: Good windows lock out the sound of the world without and lock in the sounds of your home and family. You’ll be amazed at the drastic difference.
  • Safety: New windows have special features that make them easier to open, to remove and to clean. They are also much stronger against break-ins.
  • Energy Efficiency: New windows keep the heat in in the winter and they keep the heat out in the summer. Because you’ll retain the temperature you want, your furnace and AC won’t have to work as hard to maintain your desired comfort and that means less electricity used and lower bills.
  • Curb Appeal: Believe it or not, a set of new windows will make your home look better, feel better, and worth a lot more!
  • TAX BREAKS: The best news of all, the government wants you to replace your windows so much they’ll practically pay you to do it! Don’t waste time, invest in good replacement windows today!

The Inequality of Windows

So, what? If you have old windows go out and buy a couple from the discount window site? NO! Despite civil rights, all windows were NOT created equal; as a matter of fact the differences can be significant.

We now want our windows to do more than just let in the light. They should also keep out the noise, the weather, the cold, and keep in the heat. Some windows do this with far superior outcomes than other windows, which means as you’re looking for the best windows there are ratings you should consider.

NFRC Performance Ratings

A specifically non-government private foundation the National Fenestration Rating Council is a special group that use science to test and quantify the quality of windows, doors and other building products.

Their ratings accurately provide homeowners like you with viable information about how well a product will function when used on your home. These ratings include:

  • U-factor: The amount of heat lost thorough the window. It’s measured between 1 and 0 the lower the rating the better. Aim for a rating beneath .40.
  • Solar Heat Gain: The amount of heat let in through the window. Again measured between 1 and 0 lower is better and beneath .40 is best.
  • Visible Transmittance: The amount of light let into a room through the window- measured between 1 and 0 the HIGHER the better!

Follow these guidelines, do a little research and reap the benefits of new windows in your home!

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