Most Popular International Beauty Treatments

Every day there seems to be a new beauty or health trend making its way to the United States, but originating from elsewhere. We get to a point where we have exhausted our beauty routines and secrets, and begin to wonder “how they look that way” when we think of International beauty.

international beauty secrets imageThis article will discuss some of the international beauty treatments that have become popular in the United States recently.

Recent International Beauty Treatments

Our neighbor to the west, Hawaii, has brought many things to the main land here in the United States. Their beautiful traditions and culture has impacted us very much so.

Coffee For Beauty?

When it comes to beauty, the Hawaiian people have utilized one of their many staple products: Kona coffee.  And it’s not just for the face – women have been using it for years to combat cellulite.

There are antioxidant benefits to coffee spa treatments, along with the benefits of neutralizing the damage to our skin. The Hawaiian people know better than most that protecting their skin from the sun is extremely important to avoid early aging.

Kona coffee has been known to exfoliate the skin as well. Unless you are planning a trip to Hawaii any time soon, this beauty treatment can be done from home by purchasing a coffee body scrub, or create your own!

Beauty Secrets From France

Besides creating some of the most famous clothing lines and beauty products, France offers women of the United States beauty secrets and beauty treatments that are very essential to skincare.

Seaweed from the sea in Brittany

France is the inspiration for this treatment, because it has natural vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. You can simply purchase the seaweed from a French beauty product supplier and add it to your bath. The water will then offer antibacterial and antifungal properties. Not only do you experience an age defying treatment, but you know it will be all natural!

Don’t Forget Japan

Women of Japan have forever been seen as porcelain goddess thanks to their naturally clear and silky skin. They believe they are born with “magic skin” and that they must maintain their gift.

gold leaf mask beauty treatment image

High end beauty treatment – The Gold Leaf Mask.

Gold Leaf Facial Mask

The method of rejuvenation that Japanese treatments utilize is the gold leaf facial mask.

Known to accelerate cell growth and remove wrinkles, the mask treatment costs about $200 per visit but is known to be extremely worth the price tag.

The treatment also helps with acne and removes toxins and waste from your skin. If you are looking for a more affordable method, there are many products that contain small amounts of gold, which are still extremely beneficial to your skin.

Looking for an international and unique beauty treatment?

Different spas in Peoria AZ offer these treatments.  Abloom Med Spa provides skin treatments of all different kinds to reduce acne and make your skin look younger and healthier.


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