Getting Past the Challenge Of a Low Cal Diet

Suppose you have started you low calorie diet and lost 25 to 30 pounds at the end. You were able to lose weight fast.  But the diet seems not to give any results any more and you are still 10 pounds more than your weight goal. What do you do next?

Congratulate yourself for the success of your diet as it is worth celebrating. Give your self a good break- a break from weight loss. That will make you gain back your lost 30 pounds. Keep ease and start up a maintenance plan instead.

When your have dropped your 30 pounds pretty fast, chances are you are in a very different metabolic state that you were before you started dieting. The biggest challenge now is to stabilize your self at your new weight. If you will be able to do it in just few months, your body should be prepared to let go of the last 10 pounds. To maintain this weight loss challenge, taking a break from the diet and maintaining the losses for a long period before taking up dieting again is the best way.

To maintain a lower weight, you can eat more than you did while dieting but lesser than you ate at higher weight. Keep in mind that for every pound you lose, you will burn 10 calories per day just because you are lighter. So, to maintain a 30 pound loss, you will have to eat 300 calories less a day or burn 300 calories a day more than you did at your higher weight.

You will also need to change the nature of your diet so that you are eating foods that are low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates. Only after you have maintained the 30 pound loss for at least three to six months should you start to work on with the last 10 pounds. Take it slowly, eat a moderately reduced high carbohydrate diet, and exercise your self up for an hour or two or you could do brisk walking outside in the evening and enjoy the landscape and lighting around your neighborhood.

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