The Sport of Monster Trucks

lifted truck kits

All Monster Trucks have unique lift kits.

Monster trucks are unique automobiles that are designed to look like pick-up trucks. These trucks are customized with unusually humongous suspensions and wheels.

These special kinds of trucks are built for competing in races or sports entertainment shows. Often times these events come along with motocross sports, tractor pulling, and robots that eat cars. In the United States, the popularity of monster truck competitions is high.

Monster truck shows often have features where these trucks crush vehicles of smaller proportion using its extremely large tires. The monster truck may run over and up many of the barriers man may create.

This is why often times the trucks are customized with Remote Ignition Interrupters, switches that can shut down the trucks to help avoid accidents whenever drivers lose their control over these monstrous vehicles.

At most events, during a course, only one truck is present during its run. Other types of courses involve two drivers going at each other on highly symmetrical courses. The tournament often involves a single-elimination method of choosing which drivers and monster trucks would proceed to the next higher stages of the contest.

In the recent decade, a lot of monster truck contests and competitions have concluded with an event of free-styling. This free-styling event is similar to what figure skating competitions have, where drivers get to become more and more creative with the selection of which courses to take around the track and which obstacles they would overcome and run up or over.

During this free styling segment, drivers would try to do wheel stands, jumps, and donuts. Even the obstacles used during the course and event are added up to put more excitement and thrill. Some of the added obstacles include motor homes that the monster trucks would have to crush and destroy. Other obstacles that are used are school buses and small planes, much to the delight of the exalted audience.

This is why it is necessary for the monster truck owner to have their passion become cheaper because of the high cost of customizing the trucks and adding it with special parts and tires. A lifted truck is therefore a good alternative for purchasing a base truck for one’s monster trucking needs. It’s possible to find a lifted truck for sale at an auto dealership but they are few and far between, one just needs to have a good eye to catch one when it becomes available.

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