Picking the Right Badge Holder for Your Job

Many employers have issued identification badges to their employees in recent times because of increased security concerns in the workplace. With improved technology, id badges are also doubling as security cards in many offices too.

This has made the display and protection of the id badge critical and one of the ways of accomplishing both of these needs is through the use of plastic badge holders.

The most common type of badge holder used in business today is the soft plastic holder.  The main reason for this is due to financial costs associated with the holders.  When purchased in bulk, soft holders are extremely cheap and represent a very big cost savings when compared to other types of holders.

Soft holders are best used by personal that work office desk jobs that require very little physical labor during the day. This is because the soft holder is prone to bending and tearing if there is heavy wear and tear on the holder.  While a soft holder can be used for labor intensive jobs, there’s a good chance that the holder will have a short lifespan and that the id badge may be damaged during work.

For physical labor jobs, rigid plastic name badge holders present the best combination of protection and cost. While these holders will be more expensive than soft plastic holders, they are much more affordable than alternatives such as leather and metal.

Also known as a hard plastic holder, rigid badge holders will not bend or tear and they can withstand a lot of abuse during a typical work day.  Though they will be a bit heavier than a soft holder, a rigid holder can be displayed in all the same ways so that should not be of concern.

Your id badge holder should be chosen based on your working environment and daily working requirements.  Soft holders work well for desk jobs while rigid, hard holders can withstand most any working area.

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