Motorhome Awnings

motohome awnings and gazebo tents

Motorhome awnings come in a wide array of colors, configurations and materials.

Summer is a great time to hit the road in your motorhome for a family vacation. It is also more economical for most families and it allows a lot of flexibility for those spontaneous side trips to hidden scenic and historic locations located off the beaten track.

Awnings are inexpensive accessories which can help regulate the interior temperatures of your motorhome, or caravan, especially when it’s parked at a scenic overlook or historic marker.  Caravan awnings can also add welcome privacy when parked at a camp site.

Motorhome awnings come in a wide array of colors, configurations and materials. Some are available in light weight metal or synthetic panels, but most are sturdy, weatherized vinyl which operate the way the roller curtains in your home do.

These rollers are spring actuated, reliable, economical and adaptable to a wide variety of sizes and configurations.  The larger versions can even be used as caravan porch awnings.

These can be deployed easily and quickly from their storage tubes and locked into place over the wide, sliding doors on some vehicles to form a comfortable, shaded porch for a leisurely roadside snack. 

Some are designed to accept walls which turn the comfortable gazebo into a roomy tent providing additional sleeping space at campsites.

The roller design makes these awnings easy to deploy and store.  Retractable awnings are popular because they’re easy to use and practical.  A good caravan awning stores neatly in a tube where it’s out of the way and won’t add wind resistance when you’re at highway speed.

Most of these awnings are mechanically actuated by springs inside the roller.  This provides a high degree of reliability and ease of use over a long period of time.  A good caravan awning is usually attached to the vehicle so that it remains out of the way until it’s needed.

These inexpensive awnings are popular with experienced motorhome and caravan campers because of the additional comfort they provide.

If you have acquired your motorhome by way of an RV auction and it is a little beat up and the awning is gone or ripped to shreds then it is time to add some shade to your vacation.  Install a set of retractable awnings.

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