Lightweight Suitcases Make Traveling Easier

lightweight suitcases

Having a lightweight and brightly colored suitcase can make traveling by air a lot easier.

Good planning is essential for a comfortable air travel experience and having a lightweight suitcase can make a huge difference.

Airports and airplanes are getting ever more crowded, baggage restrictions more stringent and security requirements more invasive.

First choose a set of lightweight suitcases on wheels. This will allow you to take more with you but still take care not to overshoot your weight limit.

When deciding on your luggage remember that you will need to be able to easily identify your checked luggage on the carousel in the arrivals hall.   Consider bright colors, perhaps even a pink suitcase or a bright red design?

When deciding on what to wear, choose loose-fitting clothes and comfortable shoes that will allow for any swelling that may occur over the course of the flight.   Wearing layers is a good option that will allow you to be comfortable across a range of temperatures simply by removing or adding a layer.

Remember that you may have to remove your shoes and belt during the security screening stage.   It’s a good idea to take a pair of thick socks on board with you so that you can change into these once you are airborne.

Remember that an excessive intake of alcohol and caffeine is dehydrating and will also slow down your body clock adjustments resulting in more jet lag.  Skin, eyes and lips are also prone to dehydration so perhaps pack some lip balm, moisturizing  cream and eye drops as part of your carry on luggage.

Remember to comply with liquid and gel carry on restrictions which only allow bottles of less than 3.4 ounces packed in a single plastic bag, one quart in size.  Most of your toiletries will need to be placed in the checked baggage hold but make sure all bottles have air tight seals that can resist pressure changes.

If you are traveling with your computer make sure your laptop bag is in good condition and is solid and secure enough to protect your laptop.  If you will be traveling to a cooler climate make sure you have adequate outerwear to keep you warm when you get there.  A lightweight wool jacket or coat is a good idea.

So there you have it.  The keys to comfortable air travel.  Bon Voyage!

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