Wool Sweaters – Varieties and Advantages

merino wool sweater

Merino wool makes for a nice and soft sweater.

When it comes to staying warm this winter, a wool sweater should absolutely be your fabric of choice. There are a few different kinds of wool that you can find in winter sweaters.  While all varieties of wool come from sheep and goats, there is more than one type you could find in your sweater.

This kind of clothing material has been in production for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. As long as humans have needed to stay warm, and as long as they have been herding sheep, wool clothing has been utilized.  There are several kinds of sheep that are used to produce wool sweaters, a fact that not too many people are aware of.

One common kind of wool used in sweaters is Merino wool. This comes from sheep raised in New Zealand and Australia.  The sweaters produced from this kind of wool are very soft and warm.  You can find these kinds of wool sweaters for sale for well under $100.

knitted cardigan sweater

Knitted cardigan sweaters come in a large variety of sizes and styles.

Shetland sheep produce high-end knitted sweaters as well, which may interest you. Cashmere goats are raised in the highlands of Asia.  Their hair is sheered yearly to produce silky, soft wool for the production of deluxe clothing items.

There are many benefits of wearing wool.
First, it is 100% natural and produced with little waste.  The animals are not harmed during the sheering process and can produce wool for the coming years until the end of their lives.  Also, wool repels water and dirt, a natural asset that the animals it originally belonged to need for survival.

It is important to stay dry in the winter and wool’s ability to wick away moisture is an excellent one. Its natural repulsion of dirt is great in preventing as often of a cleaning.  This is good because wool often requires a dry cleaning process if you do not want it to shrink.

Wool is one of the most durable textiles available today.  If you take good care of your wool sweater, you could expect to own it for the next decade and be able to pass it on to younger generations who want to be kept warm and comfortable during winter months.

Wool does tend to a run a little on the expensive side because of the long process that goes from turning a sheep’s coat into a comfy cowl neck sweater, but most people agree the price is well worth the benefits you appreciate.

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