Perfume Review: Bambu for Women by Adolfo Dominguez

bambu perfume for women

Bambu for women was launched in 2010, just three months after the masculine edition.

Bambu for women was launched in 2010, just three months after the masculine edition. The design of the bottle is a stylized version of the masculine fragrance, still with the shape of a bamboo cane, but with a silhouette that reminds of a woman with a long dress. Other than bamboo, the rest of the declared notes are: rose, gardenia, cherry flower, patchouli, oak moss, sandalwood and musk.

The opening is soft, with cherry flower and a fresh aroma, which becomes more explicitly aquatic after the first 15 minutes. In the middle phase (which takes very long to appear, about 45 minutes), the aquatic note is more marked, with also woods and vetiver, and that is when the bamboo note comes distinctly out.

After one hour, the rose also appears, feeling very classic, and mixing with bamboo, creating a fresh and spicy aroma. After about three hours, at a more advanced stage of the middle notes, the perfume is more stable around rose, with bamboo and the rest of the aquatic and woody notes moving to the background giving support.

The perfume then evolves as a classic feminine florals, with rose and gardenia, reminding of L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci. In the final phase, roses are more intense, and with black berries in the background, whereas bamboo is almost imperceptible.

Although not always distinct, Bambu for women seems to accompany the perfume throughout its evolution, as a feeling of powdery wood aquatic note. The perfume feels very natural and in the second – more floral – part, it reminds of feminine fragrances like Beautiful by Estee Lauder, or Chloe for women.

The downside of being so classic comes out in romantic situations, where the perfume lacks of seductive notes. It is a personal rather than social fragrance, ideal for women between 25 and 60 years.

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