Personalize those wedding invitations!

It’s time to get those wedding invitations out! You have set the date, the time, the location and the guest list, and now you need to get all of this information out to your guests.

Choosing a wedding invitation can always be a bit of a dilemma as there are so many out there! Maybe you want to go towards personalised wedding invitations, or blank embossed wedding invitations that you can personalize with the text of your choice. There are so many choices out there that it can be a bit of a struggle to wade through them all to find your personal preference.

In regards to personalized wedding invitations, you can let your imagination and creativity run away with you. You could go with a photo wedding invitation, where you use one, or more, photos of the happy couple, and create an invitation that centers on these photos.

Nothing shows love and happiness more than a photo on an invitation! You could have your wedding photographer come out and take the photos for you, that way the photography style will be the same as in the wedding photos.

Or maybe you want to provide your own creative touch to the personalised wedding invitations by designing and drawing them yourself. There is nothing more original than that!

It’s possible that your idea of personalization does not lay in the design itself, but more in the text. Maybe you would like to provide a personal invite to each guest, and will be writing these by hand in each invite.

In this case you can go for blank embossed wedding invitations that you can personalize with the text that you want, either handwritten or printed, depending on your preference. There really is something very special about receiving an invite that has been written personally to you!

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