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contemporary wedding invitation sets

Choosing one color to use all throughout your contemporary wedding invitation set is a good idea.

A colorful wedding invitation is a great contemporary approach to creating a unique invitation. There are many ways to incorporate color into your wedding invite. The style you decide on should represent yours and your fiancé’s style as a couple.

Choosing one color to use all throughout your contemporary wedding invitation set is a good idea. One way to use it as such is to create a border. Perhaps a metallic white paper would look very beautiful in contrast to a deep red border. A thick border would be very effective and beautiful.

Using the same deep red for the typography would work really well along with either a deep red envelope or a while envelope with a red pop of color in the interior.  These may match up great with your fall wedding theme colors.

Another way to use color is to use ribbon. When you have a cream colored paper, a pastel blue ribbon might work well. For a more bold use of color try a navy blue paper with silver ink and then lace a baby blue ribbon around the wedding set. It may not be the traditional light and airy wedding invitation but such bold use of color could be very striking and beautiful, especially for a winter wedding.

You may want to choose a light colored paper and a grass green ink for the typography. Taking the green up to an emerald and using the emerald green as the color of the ornaments would also be very nice. Using these two contrasting greens is a good way to keep things simple, yet still opt for the colorful approach. A white envelope with a green interior is a great match.

If your designer knows what color or colors you would like to use, a beautiful print is always very nice when it is custom-designed just for you. Let he/she know what colors will work best for you and you are sure to have an invitation that works for the occasion.

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