Popular Cat Litter Box Furniture

cat litter box furniture

Litter Box Furniture For The Bathroom

The popularity of cat litter box furniture is rising now that cats have become the number one pet in the United States.

The reason for this is that as most every cat owner in the country will tell you, the worst part about having a cat is keeping the litter box clean and fresh.

There are a number of companies that are doing a great job making  functional litter boxes into good looking furniture pieces.  These companies are also doing their level best to make it simple and easy to clean too.

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Popular cat litter box furniture designs include ones that can blend into the bathroom.

These units provide a completely enclosed area for your pet. For the cat this presents a space that is private and secure. For you, this means that all of the litter is kept confined within the cabinet.

Litter Box Furniture

Many cats like to dig through the litter. If you do not have an enclosed litter box you will find litter scattered all over the floor. This is not only unsightly it can be a serious health risk.

litter box hidden in plant pot image

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The front or side doors of these units are designed to open wide making it pretty simple for you to clean. You can effortlessly pull out the tray and dump the contents into the garbage.

With the tray out of the cabinet you can then quickly wipe down the entire interior using virtually any pet safe sanitizing agent that you want.

With this popular type of litter box you will not have to be concerned about trying to reach into tight areas. You can even wipe down the hinges without worrying about rust or damage.

There are a number of different models that you can choose from including those that fit right in with your living room or bedroom decor like the potted plant that provides a good place to stash that stinky box.

If you do not intend to have the cat’s litter area in the bathroom, you can get furniture that will blend into almost any room of the house.



Many of the designs have special storage places. You can use these areas to keep not only the litter, but the cleaning supplies that you like to use.

Cleaning up after the cat is a task that nobody enjoys.  However, cat litter box furniture helps to make the job fast and simple and makes a much better impression than just using a regular cat litter box. You can also clean and sanitize most of these furniture pieces easily and efficiently.

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