Potty Training Made Easy

potty training your child

Some say the reward system works best for potty training your child and others say just do it. Either way it takes a lot of time and dedication to potty train most children.

When little ones turn two most mothers start thinking about potty training.  Some think it is about time, others feel it is way too early.  Even child psychologists disagree on when is the “right” time.

You, as the mother, should make the decision by what you think is right.  You are the one who knows your child the best.  It can be done early without “scarring” the child, but you will need to dedicate yourself to this project for several days. Do not wait until she tells you she is ready.  You are the mother.   It is your decision.

One of the best ways to potty train your child is to just decide to do it. No pull ups. When you have decided to do this, just announce, matter-of-factly, to your child that he or she is now a big boy or girl and it’s time to wear underwear or panties, not those baby diapers.

Put the potty chair in the bathroom, along with several books. Set your timer for every hour and go into the bathroom with your child to keep her company.  Praise her when she potties in the “big girl potty.”

One way to reward the child is to buy them comfortable bedding.  A toddler bed comforter set is a good option for this. New baby hampers are a good way to help a mother you know who is going through this process.

But, don’t make the mistake of getting too enthusiastic.  This is to be an acknowledgement that she did something big, but not that she won the Nobel Prize!

And when she has an accident (and she will), there should be no diaper punishment. She should not be scolded, just calmly clean her up and then tell her she’s too big to do that in her new panties. Then put clean, dry panties on her. Under no circumstances should she be diapered.

You may put a diaper on her for bedtime or naps, as these are times when she will not have any control. Make sure she uses the potty chair before napping and before going to bed. You want to give her as much chance for success as possible.

The good news is that all children eventually become potty trained. Just be calm and dedicate yourself for several days. You will endure it.  Kids love toys like the Sing a ma jigs and you might think about using something like that as a reward for a job well done.

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