Kids love the Sing a ma Jigs

sing a ma jigs

The Sing a ma Jigs are considered to be one of the hot toys for Christmas.

It would be hard to find a child who isn’t fascinated by the new Sing A Ma jigs stuffed toy animals, with their large mouth that opens and closes as he sings his own individual song.

Each one is a different color, and there are a great variety to choose from, from red to blue, and they will be listed here a bit further down the page.

There is also a Santa Sing a ma Jig, and he sings the popular Christmas song Jingle Bells, and it will be great to join in this very festive song with Santa.

Children can’t quite believe it when the toys begin to sing, as there is nothing else like them on sale, and the bright colors make them extremely attractive to all  different ages of children.

Each sing a ma jigs sings his song either in a high or low tone, and one of the songs is For he’s a jolly good fellow, that the blue toy sings.

The red Fisher Price sing a ma jig sings Where, oh where, has my little dog gone, and children will love to sing along to this catchy song.

There is a twin pack of sing a ma jigs, one is red and the other is a blue toy, and also there is a pack of four  sing a ma jigs, and they would be great all singing together in perfect harmony.

Amazingly there are packs of five, six,  and eight, and to show just how popular they are there is also a pack of nine, which contains one each of all the available colors.

The sing a ma jigs are incredible creatures, with their three modes of play, they can all harmonize together, chatter in their own language and also sing their very own special song.

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