Pros and Cons of The Coleman Instant Tent

4 man coleman instant tent

Coleman has revolutionized the instant tent category with their new line of quick set up tents. The only major complaint is that they are heavy and that they don't come with a rain fly.

Coleman revolutionized the instant tent market when they released their three sizes of instant tents.

The 4, 6, and 8 man tents in this “quick to set up” tents category have been hot sellers since their release.

In the past, instant tents had a reputation for being too weak for any serious campers. They were lightweight, but suffered during any storms or wind due to their flexible nature.

Additionally, they were generally limited to no more than 4-6 person tents, making them unusable for the average camping family.

Coleman instant tents are not only durable, waterproof, and roomy, but they are able to be set up in a minute or less. They can withstand strong storms just as well as any other tent on the market, like the big Ozark Trail tents.

The backbone of the revolutionary tent design is ironically the “backbone” of the tent, which stays attached to the canvas of the tent in transport.

To set up the tent, simply stretch out the sides and lock the feet into their position.

It has all of the strength of a traditional dome tent, without the hassle of setting up and threading skinny rods through small holes in the canvas.

The obvious reason most people choose to search for an coleman instant tent for sale rather than just settle on the cheapest model is because of the convenience.

Imagine being able to set up your entire campsite in under a minute, leaving the rest of your weekend free to hike, fish, or even teach your kids about military survival knives. Most people would much rather spend their time as they please than be setting up camp.

Disadvantages of Coleman Instant Tents

Before buying the tent, there are a few disadvantages that most people fail to consider.  Most notably, the tent is not very transportable.

With the 4 man tent weighing over 40 pounds, this is the type of tent that you drive up to your campsite with, not hike to.

Additionally, some customers were upset that the tent did not include a rainfly for stormy weather which makes it hot and muggy inside the tent when it is raining and you want the screen windows zippered shut.

In their defense regarding the lack of a rain fly, Coleman says they have an exclusive WeatherTec system that they have tested extensively in the most extreme weather conditions and that there is no need for one, therefore they don’t offer it for their instant tents.

Many people still like the idea of having a rain fly on their tent though, and it has been found that many different brands can be made to work and attach quite easily to the outer support poles.

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