The Best Camping Lights to Brighten the Night

camping lights

Another great camping light from the maestro’s of camping gear is the Coleman 4D XPS LED Duo Lantern.

Camping in the dark is not everybody’s cup of tea and for such people camping lights are a requisite item in their camping gear.

Camping lights technology has advanced over the years and today there is a wide array of camping lights to choose from in the market.

The primary thing to keep in mind when purchasing camping lights is whether or not the camping light is to be used in the tent.

If yes then a fluorescent camping light or battery powered LED such as the Bite2Lite flashlight will be your best choice as gas and kerosene camping lights are too risky to be used inside the tent. They do however brightly illuminate your campsite’s outside but are hazardous if left unguarded.

You should also consider the feasibility and fuel cost of the light. Although battery powered lights can be short lived, they are easier and safer to be carried in our camping equipment than volatile fuel.

Following are some examples of camping lights that are reasonably priced and efficient to use:

The Nichia 230 Lumens LED Lantern with LED Light-equipped IR Remote Control is ideal for use during nap time as the nifty remote control enables you to switch it on and off without leaving your sleeping bag’s comfort.

It is easily portable due to a lightweight body and can work for hours because of its enduring LED bulb. The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries included with the camping light and the lantern is operated by three D sized batteries.

The Coleman Tent Light is efficient and hassle free like all other camping products manufactured by the Coleman Company. Requiring 4 AA batteries for its functioning, it comes with magnets attached to its base.  Furthermore it provides a viable light source without getting in anyone’s way.

Another great camping light from the maestro’s of camping gear is the Coleman 4D XPS LED
Duo Lantern. It is affordable and effective it provides campers with the option of using it as a single light source or as two separate sources of light within the tent. It is operated by a 6V rechargeable battery that is purchased separately from the camping light and is quite long-lasting.

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