Romantic Diamond Cuts For Your Engagement Ring

pear shaped engagement ring

Pear shaped engagement rings are simple, elegant, and just uncommon enough to attract a lot of compliments.

No doubt you’ve heard of the “4Cs” of diamonds if you are in the market for an engagement ring.

While all 4 of these factors, cut, carat, color, and clarity, have a huge effect on the diamond’s appearance, cut is one of the most important in giving a diamond its character.

What are some of the most romantic cuts that you can choose for your engagement ring?

What says romance more clearly than a heart?  While some people may not like the directness of this and may instead prefer something more subtle, others will find the romance and beauty of a heart cut diamond to be the perfect fit for their engagement ring.

This cut looks particularly great with colored diamonds.  Pink, blue, or yellow, a heart cut diamond is a stunning way to add romance to your engagement ring.

Have you ever heard of an Asscher cut?  This cut is certainly a rare beauty in the diamond world.  First designed in the early 1900s, it has since been used in some of the most elegant jewelry.

With its depth, clarity, and sophisticated, old-world look, an Asscher cut is perfect for someone looking for a bit of antique style.  Because of its sharp, geometric look, it works particularly well in art deco styles.  For example, art deco ruby engagement rings often use an Asscher cut diamond as a center stone and rubies to surround it.

Finally, pear shaped engagement rings are simple, elegant, and just uncommon enough to attract a lot of compliments.  With a pear cut diamond, you have the brilliance of a round cut, and the slender, tapered edge of a marquis cut.  These diamonds can make the hands look more slender, and can give any ring a lot of elegance.

Choosing the right cut for your diamond plays a big part in determining the look of an engagement ring.  Romance, elegance, and beauty are all easy to come by with these three unique cuts.

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