Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendants

Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendants

A Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendant is not only classy, but surprisingly affordable as well.

Solitaire diamond pendants are wonderful pieces of jewelry that have that understated look of class that is missing from today’s super duper pave style diamond jewelry popularized by hip hop jewelry that is all about fuss, glitz and overstated bling.

The simplicity of a solitaire diamond pendant is not lost among women of class who want to look elegant, classy and at the same time fashionable.
Despite being simple in appearance, solitaire diamond pendants encompass a huge variety of styles and fashions so that even though this type of jewelry is centered around a single diamond it can have many different looks.

The first variation that most women do not exercise enough of is the type of chain on which to string their solitaire diamond. Nowadays you can string your solitaire diamond pendant on most anything from stiff circular wire necklaces all the way to black silk woven shoelace width necklaces.

Still most women opt to thread their pendant through a simple box link chain or rope chain while other more fashion forward women thread their solitaire diamond pendants through black steel cable chain. Omega necklaces are also popular necklaces on which to hang a blue diamond pendant.

I wouldn’t go too thick with these. 2mm to 3mm wide omegas should be good enough because you don’t want the width of an omega to take away from the sparkle of the overall look of your blue diamond necklace.

Colored diamonds including ones such as a black diamond introduce a new dimension into this stead diamond solitaire pendant. Blue diamond solitaire pendants in particular have become quite the rage because of the wonderful shades of blue possible through radiation treatment of near colorless diamonds.

From a light, almost blue diamond pendant Topaz type of color, all the way to a midnight blue is the type of color range available in blue diamonds. This has made this color of diamond also popular in blue diamond engagement rings. Women like to match their engagement ring stone with their solitaire pendant center diamond.

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