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short term car insurance

Oftentimes a short term car insurance policy is the only thing you need.

As the name suggests, short term car insurance is insurance offered for a short period of time, often for drivers who are using someone else’s vehicle.  The term can be as short as a day and this type of insurance is ideal for those who perhaps don’t drive on a regular basis, but rent a car occasionally.

The savings can be substantial if you only purchase car insurance as and when you need it, rather than have continuous coverage. Short term car insurance will cover you regardless of whether you are traveling locally, or across the country.

Apart from the shorter length of its term, this type of insurance works much the same way as any other type of budget car insurance, offering many of the same features and discounts. These include coverage for liability, physical injury, property damage and medical costs.

Younger drivers in particular are inexperienced and much more likely to be involved in an accident, making them often more expensive to insure.  Short term car insurance can be an excellent choice for a younger driver, helping to protect both them and other drivers. Almost any driver who has a valid driver’s license is eligible for some type of car insurance.

Younger drivers may benefit from short term car insurance, because in many cases they are borrowing their parent’s car or friend’s car to drive. This type of policy can generally be purchased to provide coverage for a period from one day to six months and it can be an excellent way to establish a good driving record.

Some short term car insurance policies have other benefits as well. Some offer roadside assistance, for example – an invaluable extra in case of a breakdown or mechanical problem while away from home.  Just about any insurance company will sell you temporary or short term insurance and another advantage is that the premium amounts are generally less because of the short term.

Another alternative is for parents to include their teenage driver on their own car insurance policy, thus eliminating the need for an additional short term policy.

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