Using Single Cone Coffee Making Cups and Filters

single cup coffee filter holder

Having a single cup coffee filter holder is a good backup option for many coffee drinkers.  You put a cone filter inside, add fine coffee grounds, and pour hot water in.  The coffee then drips into the cup that you have placed underneath.

Having a Single Cone Coffee Making Cup and filters around is a good idea.

If all your Bunn coffee makers, Braun coffee makers, Keurig coffee brewers, and all other brands of automatic coffee makers are eliminated by a weird coffee machine virus, how can you feed your coffee addiction?

Of course this scenario will never happen, but we need to have a few methods of coffee brewing to appreciate the different coffee flavor created by different brewing methods.

How do you use a single cup cone coffee filter to make coffee?

One of these methods is the single cup cone coffee filter method. It is the simplest method to manually brew a cup of coffee and it is a good way to get in touch with the manual coffee brewing process, which is what this article is about.

Use Finely Ground Coffee

When using these type of coffee filter holders, you need to pick the fine ground coffee due to the short brewing duration. The fine ground coffee allows a quick and even extraction of the coffee.

Prepare The Filter

Before doing anything,  you need to prepare the coffee filter first. Fold the coffee filter neatly into the cone holder cup and pour some hot water into the filter to wash away any paper flavors and to warm up the filter.

Boil Your Water

Now, you can boil the water to get ready for the brew. While boiling the water, add three tablespoons of coffee into the filter.

Many people like use an electric kettle to boil the water as it gives you a clearer indication of when the water boils. After the water boils, you need to wait for one minute to cool the water down a little.

Pour With A Flourish!

Now, pour the water into the filter in a circular manner to fully infuse the water with coffee. Now, all you need to do is to sit back, relax and wait for the coffee to finish dripping into your coffee cup.

Here’s A Good Video Showing How It’s Done

Where To Get This Stuff?

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