The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Tiki Torches

Through the conversion of sunlight to energy, solar tiki torches provide light without an alternative fuel source like gas or electricity.  It’s an interesting spin on the classic garden tiki torch that has both advantages and disadvantages.  Learning more about solar powered torches can help you decide whether or not they’re right for your outdoor living space.

One greatly appreciated thing about solar powered outdoor patio lights is that they’re more environmentally friendly than using electricity, or burning paraffin or gas.  A small solar panel collects energy from the sunlight, which is used to charge the battery inside and powers the torch’s light.

Solar torches are also low-maintenance: after installation, there’s little to no upkeep.  You don’t need to refill fuel, and the lights will come on at dusk and turn off at dawn by themselves.  You’ll save a lot of time when you don’ t have to spend it lighting and extinguishing tiki torches.

Solar powered torches provide superior safety due to their lack of flame.  There’s no risk of guests, children, or pets accidentally bumping them and causing a fire hazard.  This also means that these solar lights can be placed anywhere in the yard, even under tree branches or shade tents.  Even in bad weather, a solar tiki torch functions perfectly.  Rain and wind can’t extinguish these torches like they can with the standard versions.

Of course, solar powered tiki torches also have their disadvantages.  Unfortunately the sun is not always the most reliable source of power, since it can easily be blocked by clouds and bad weather.  If there isn’t enough sunlight to power your torches during the day, they may not shine at night.  A period of recharging will have to occur when the sun shines again.  Solar torches usually don’t shine as brightly as open flame torches either.

If you can make your peace with the cons, there are many pros to encourage you to try out a solar tiki torch.  A lot of people find that they’re the perfect solution to any concerns they had with traditional torches.  Solar tiki torches are safe, environmentally friendly, and can go literally anywhere the sun shines.

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