Suffering From Severe Constipation

severe constipation

Are all of those pills really beneficial for your severe constipation?

Regular bowel movements are essential to good health and for most people, the frequency varies. Most physicians feel that healthy bowel movement frequency can range from three per day to three per week.  As long as no other symptoms of physical illness exist, there is no hard and fast rule regarding frequency.

However, if an individual’s frequency of waste elimination slows down to the point where the person becomes uncomfortable or has abdominal pain, this may be an indication of more serious issues. Severe constipation, particularly if it becomes a regular pattern, should prompt an individual to schedule an appointment with a doctor.

Severe constipation may be influenced by the age of the individual; it is fairly common in infants or seniors due to fluctuations in diet. A person of any age may experience problems with regular bowel movements due to a change in diet, insufficient consumption of fiber in the form of vegetables and vegetable juices, fruits and whole grains which promote healthy waste elimination, insufficient water intake, infrequent exercise, or as a side effect of certain medications. Excessive iron consumption in the form of supplements, for instance, can sometimes cause severe constipation.

Some of the signs of this type of gastrointestinal distress are an inability to have a bowel movement for several days, feeling bloated and/or experiencing abdominal pain and passing excessive gas.

Over the counter (OTC) remedies can be used to help restore regular bowel function over the short term. These medications should not be abused, however. OTC medications are meant to be used on a temporary basis only to relieve relatively mild symptoms. While they may appear to be less potent than drugs requiring a prescription, they can be just as dangerous if misused.   One would be wise to consider a home remedy for constipation .

Severe constipation can also be caused by bowel obstructions or other medical conditions that can cause serious health complications if left untreated. If a change in regularity is sudden or occurs repeatedly, a medical professional should be consulted. Get more information about cure for constipation or how to prevent constipation.

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