Useful Home Remedy for Constipation

home remedy for constipation

Is it possible to treat your Constipation with a Home Remedy?

Many people usually suffer from constipation and look for natural home remedies to overcome it. Constipation is a common digestive complaint that most people experience at least once in a lifetime. It will make you feel uncomfortable and bloated when you have constipation. Though it can affect anyone it is mostly found in women over 65 years. Sometimes people taking certain medications may also experience constipation.

There are several natural remedies to treat this. Eat food rich in fiber content. Some of these foods include fruits, whole grains, vegetables etc. You can use brown rice, wheat bran and whole grain bread. Use figs and prunes as snacks or as breakfast. If you have flax seeds you can make a powder of it and sprinkle a teaspoon of it over any food. You need to drink a lot of water also when you eat a fiber rich food.

Drink a lot of water. This will make your bowel movements easier. Keep away from alcoholic drinks and beverages that contain caffeine because they could dehydrate you and cause even more severe constipation.

There are many herbal stimulant laxatives or diet teas which include herbs like buck-thorn, senna, aloe, rhubarb, cascara and sagrada that are effective in treating constipation. They should however not be used for more than a week without an expert’s supervision.

Biofeedback training is also a useful method to deal with constipation. This is for people who have constipation due to pelvic dysfunction. It occurs due to enlarged prostate, obesity or childbirth. Studies have shown that such treatments have been useful to some 70% of people undergoing the training.

Sometimes a deficiency of magnesium may also result in constipation. It is found in natural foods like nuts, green vegetables, whole grains and seeds. Magnesium is an important element for the proper functioning of the muscles. A recent study showed that women who took less amount of magnesium were associated with constipation while others were not.

In case these remedies are not effective you need to consult a doctor for getting cured. Take a look at how to relieve constipation quickly or constipated toddler remedy.

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