Making $5k + Per Month With That Free Thing Coupon Program?

that free thing

Right now you can get $25 of free things from Target if you join the "That Free Thing" program. You also have access to hundreds of other free products too.

This “That Free Thing” program is really taking off. It is amazing how much free stuff you can get if you know where to look.  Better yet… pay a small monthly fee to have others find it for you and you can really get down to business.

I’m not talking about picking up old, used, or otherwise discarded stuff you find around your neighborhood. I am talking about brand new things you can get direct from manufacturers.  Matter of fact just today I got Target ™ to send me a $25.00 gift bag of stuff for free.  These are name brand products.  Brand new things.  For Free!

You see…  there is this company called That Free Thing that you can join for $25.00 and then pay only another $10.00/month to be a part of. They source all of this free stuff for you.  All you have to do is fill out a simple form with your name and address and the company will either send you the product direct to your home, or is some cases provide you with the coupon that you can print out and take it to your local store to redeem for your free products.

It truly is an amazing concept. These name brand manufacturers and distributors actually contact That My Free Thing company to have their free products listed because they want people to try their stuff and hopefully like it and want to buy more.  This goes along the same lines as Groupon and others.  It is coupon marketing on steroids!

Now THERE ARE NONE of the stupid hoops to jump through like with many of those other free offers you see all over the internet. No qualifying, no adding your friends email addresses to a list, or ordering a certain amount of other stuff to qualify.  These My Free Things guys have got it together.   They state right in their literature that you will not ever have to do anything other than fill out a simple form so the company that is giving stuff away knows where to send it.

That My Free Thing Club membership is only $10.00 a month. That is what you pay after an initial $25.00 entry fee.  This is an incredibly small price to pay for the hundreds if not thousands of dollars of stuff you can get for free every month.  Exciting!

The other thing about this club is that they have a way for you to make a whole lot of money just by telling others about it, and if they join you will get a commission.  The ability to make  $5,000 + per month looks to be just the start of it.  You can get all of the details of this special club by following This Link and checking them out.  Have fun and enjoy all of your free stuff.

Kurt Simula


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