Specialized Computer Keyboards

If you’re looking for a specialized computer keyboard, anything from an ergonomic keyboard to a silent keyboard to a lighted keyboard, the best place to look is online.

By searching online, you can simply enter in what you’re looking for and pull it up.  If you’re searching at a local store, you run into the problem of having to ask, having a far smaller amount of choices, and a high likelihood that they won’t actually have what you’re looking for.  You also end up having to go with whatever their prices are.  By looking online, you can compare prices and get what you’re looking for at an optimized price.

Quiet keyboards can be a great thing to get if you have people working with you that are easily irritated with the sound of your computer. They are made of rubber and silicone and are usually very sensitive to touch, so you don’t have to type very hard to get the keyboard to respond.  Even the heaviest of typers will have only the sound of their fingers hitting the rubber, as opposed to the sound of their fingers hitting the plastic keys combined with the sound of the plastic keys hitting the back board.

Keyboards that are lit up can be really useful if you need to type in the dark.  They have the added benefit of being fun to show off, and they look really cool.  If you’re the sort of person who calls yourself a geek, and you interact with lots of other geeks, being the only geek with a spiffy glowing keyboard can be lots of fun. Also, if someone doesn’t like your glowing keyboard, they usually come with the option of turning off the glow temporarily so you don’t annoy anyone. There are a huge range of colors that are available, especially if you check online.

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