The Fashion of Men’s Flip Flops

Flip flops are the best footwear for the summertime when you can spend the days lazing at the beach or just chilling with your friends at the nearby café. Flip flops are relaxing and comfortable to wear. They also give your feet breathing space. Mens flip flops are guy’s outdoor comfort footwear.

The traditional flip flops were made of rubber but it has long evolved and ones made of leather and other materials are now available in the market. Big brand names have also created their own line of designer flip flops. Ladies are not the only ones who are into flip flops but also men.

There are flip flops that are made to protect your feet from bad odor like Crocs’ Athens.  These also have a double cushioned foot bed making them extra soft. They are also slip resistant aside from being odor resistant.

Men’s flip flops are not constrained to the ordinary thong style. There are flip flops that will also show their colorful side like the Fiesta Flops’ parrot designed sandals. The unique handmade design comes with triple layer soles, memory foam that conforms to the feet, soft cloth thongs and non skid soles.

Leather flip flops have also become a trend. You can wear these while going out with family and friends to a restaurant. Paired with nice jeans and shirt, you will absolutely look fabulous. The Casual Barn is an example of good leather flip flops. They are made from premium leather. The foot bed has extra cushion for more comfort. They also have a non-slip rubber sole.

Flip flops are also a good companion when you just want to take a walk around on a good sunny day. The Men’s Sperry Top-Sider Santa Cruz Thong is a good walking sandal. It has a neoprene lining for added comfort around the foot. Its foot bed also features a contoured, molded EVA footbed for under-foot comfort with triple layer EVA midsole for all day comfort.  The thongs are made of oil tanned leather making it easy to care for. It also has a grip wave sole for ultimate dry/wet traction.

There are many styles available that you can chose from if you surf the Net. Your local department store also carry many brands of different styles. Whatever style you chose just make sure it fits well to your feet, as comfort rules!

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