They Keep Coming Back! – 4 Ways To Enhance Your Customers’ Experience

Customer experience is a new phenomenon to customer service; it goes beyond just serving the customer in the traditional way, and creates a new one.

This service is here to stay, and it is about time you knew how to encourage it in your firm. It really isn’t about the product anymore, but about the experience the customer had with the product or the service.

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To do that, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.

1. What and how are we saying it?

Communication is what makes the world go round, not gold. The tone of your voice, the delivery of your desire and passion to serve your customer is what does it for you.

You have to cultivate a culture of talking to and not at your customers, no matter how annoying or difficult.

Listen to them, and then use the skill you have to answer even the most difficult questions. Let them leave happy knowing that they were treated with understanding and respect.

2. What are we selling?

The first rule of selling is to know your product. By no means will be you are able to convince anyone to buy from you if you do not know what you are selling.

This knowledge of your product, gives you confidence to identify the right customer for the product. You would not sell boxer shorts to a woman now would you? Or would you?

3. What is the customer going through?

If you are in the service industry, this is a very important question. When a customer complains, or offers a view, it is very vital that you understand where they are coming from.

Putting yourself in the same position, and asking yourself what you would expect done is very important to ensure you understand the customer. This way, the way you handle that issue, will be acceptable to the customer, and will make them always remember that experience.

4. What do we do after selling?

Doctors do not call their patient or schedule them for appointments for no reason at all, they want to see how the patient is doing after the procedure or surgery – showing that they genuinely care.

This is what customer experience is all about. You want to know if the customer was able to use the product, if they liked it or not, as well as what their opinion of it was.

Customer feedback is a powerful tool and this kind of treatment makes them feel that coming back again and again has a positive impact on their life.

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