Examining the Vertical Jump Bible

vertical jump bible

Increase your vertical jump.

The jump program titled the Vertical Jump Development Bible is an excellent source that will surely satisfy all of your vertical jump training wants and needs. In this eBook you will get your hands full of tips and tricks that can help you with your jump development training. The exercises as well as drills included within this book are virtually endless as well. Here now is a short Vertical Jump Bible review for you, so you get a much in depth look at this fantastic program.

The Vertical Jump Bible is created by renowned jump guru Kelley Baggett. He started out basically the same way as many aspiring jumpers did. He did countless of research and have tried numerous exercises and various modes of training, until he has found himself the right principles and combination of routines that enabled him to raise his original jump height of twenty-inches to an astonishing forty-inches plus! Now, he is sharing the principles as well as techniques that he has formulated over the years to aspiring athletes of this generation.

As you begin reading this eBook, you will get to learn the basics as well as some secrets with regards to vertical training. Here you will discover ten crucial performance qualities that you will need to focus on in order to increase your vertical leaping capacity. As the author says, it is with targeting and then working on these qualities, that you will be able to gain the best possible results.  As a matter of fact, there are some who says that reading and learning about these performance qualities alone, already makes this jump program worth getting.

After learning the fundamentals, you then delve into weight or strength training. Included in the book are advises along with techniques on how to lift and train with weights properly. You also get to learn more about your CNS or Central Nervous System and on how you can improve its functioning. Basketball is a fast paced game, you need to be able to think and respond quickly if you want to have that edge over your competitors. This is why the author also puts much emphasis on enhancing the performance of your CNS.

The main core of the Jump Bible revolves mainly around plyometrics. Here you will get a long list of plyometric exercises that you can inject into your workout routine. There are various plyometric exercise programs within the eBook which can suit everyone, whether you are a beginner or already a skilled ball player.

Bottom line, the Vertical Jump Bible is a true goldmine! This is really one of the best jump programs out in the market these days. As for other jump courses, this article also suggests that you take a look at the book called Jump Manual. You can find many reviews of this said program online as well.

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