Top 5 Items Women Should Never Wear

In spite of the fact that you are not too keen on respecting the fashion trends, that does not mean you are allowed to break the basic rules associated with women clothing.

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While you may think that certain items make you appear adorably childish, sexy and fun or a fashion nonconformist, the truth is that some garments combined with a poor choice of accessories look ridiculous and silly on women.

And no, just because you saw them in a fashion blog magazine that does not make it right, if you want to maintain your mysterious femininity and allure, that is.


Let’s review the top fashion faux pas you should never make.

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1. Leggings worn as trousers

Let’s make one thing clear, short trousers are short trousers while leggings are leggings and they are not to be confused.

Granted, the idea of putting them together comes from some fashion designers who are trying to resurrect the 1980s style. However, wearing something transparent with a short top that will not cover your backside and lately the front side is disgraceful and overall unflattering.

2. Dungarees

It can be for the sake of comfort or maybe when they are trying to put up together an outfit to bring out their inner child, but some grown women continue to wear dungarees.

The truth is that dungarees will not only completely kill the femininity, but the double-denim suit will surely not making you look younger, especially when you combine them with pigtails. If you are looking for comfort and youth, then stick to plain blue jeans and a t-shirt.

3. Trainers

More often than not, women confuse trainers with fashionable sneakers and hence, you see them wearing these clumpy and ugly footwear with many outfits.

While in some cases they might work with skinny jeans, they are certainly not to be worn with skirts and dresses or accessorized with purses.

4. Kitten heels

The kitten heels appeared a few years ago and were declared the fashion trend for that year’s fall-winter season.

In spite of the pompous title, few women actually wore them. In fact, most agree that they are the ugliest type of shoes ever invented, except maybe for Crocs.

5. Bum bags

Available in a plethora of colors and affixed with a few million zippers, pockets and what-not, the bum bags are still being worn as a standalone accessory by many women today. Even though they are practical to a certain extent, they can never replace the elegance of the purse or shoulder bag.

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