High-Heeled Shoes and Their Psychological Effects on Women

image of high heels shoes

High Heels are a popular shoe choice for many women.

One of the most popular women’s fashion trends is the wearing of high heels. Women in the office, school, fashion shows, or even going to a grocery store regularly wear heels.

Aesthetically speaking, wearing high heels makes a women looks sexy and they fit into the fashion trends of today, though there are psychological reasons behind wearing of high heels.

High Heels Define a Woman’s Leg Length

It is considered an optical illusion when a woman wear high heels since it can define their leg’s length. According to the research by Wroclaw University in Portland, they considered women as appealing and attractive when their legs are longer than their torso. This can easily be achieved when a woman wears high heel shoes.

Look Younger

When you wear high heels, it can raise the angle of your buttocks from 30 to 40 degrees. This will make a woman looks younger and more appealing to men’s sight. Subconsciously, heels can make a woman look healthier and younger, therefore more attractive as a partner.

Walk Tall

Heels do not only create a psychological impact on most men, but on women too. Shorter women feels that they are more confident when they wear high heels because of the added length that they get from it. This is true when they want to become authoritative in a certain place and do not want to feel they are short when they hang out with friends.

Sexist Culture

Most feminists criticize women who wear high heels, arguing about the negative effects on women. For them, wearing high-heeled design your own shoes or sandals can cause different foot problems, or podiatry issues, so most women put risks for the sake of wearing their favorite heels.

There are also some feminists who believes that repression can occur. They said that a woman can be controlled when they wear heels because it can make them less capable in running from danger.

Wearing of high heels is one of the most popular trends for women today. It is useful in many ways. It is regularly used in the office, school, special occasions, and many others.

However, it has psychological effects on women. It can define a women’s leg, makes them looks taller, healthier, and younger. Some feminists argue that high heels have negative effects on women. It can put them into danger. Also, they believe that it can cause repression making every women less able to run from risks.

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