Top Five Reasons to Opt for Contact Lenses

These days, contact lenses have become the preferred choice for individuals who are looking for a more effective and safer alternative to eyeglasses. These small and flexible optical devices are especially created to mimic the shape and function of the eyes.

Contact lenses today are now being sold in a number of types, materials, brands and functions allowing contact lens users to enjoy a wide array of options to choose from. But while over 40 million Americans are now relying on contact lenses, many are still unaware on the many benefits that these eye shaped lenses provides for its users and here are just five of the most important ones.

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

1. Contact lenses are far more superior as compared to eyeglasses as they allow for a wider and more natural field of vision. Eyeglasses, though effective on straight on vision, are quite limited on the peripheries which can make driving or engaging in extreme activities quite difficult and dangerous. But as contact lenses are placed directly on the eyes, they move with your eyes and can register clear cut images at every turn.

2. Contact lenses are much more cost efficient. Though eyeglasses can last you longer, they can however easily break or fall off and once it has been broken, it can no longer be fully restored. Contact lenses, on the one hand, are cheaper and can easily be replaced. You can even enjoy additional freebies such as Purevision multifocal rebate when you purchase your lenses online.

3. Contact lenses like the Purevision toric lenses are hardly noticeable which is especially beneficial for individuals who want to hide their visual impairments.

4. Contact lenses can work in all kinds of environment. If you are employed on a construction site, for example, you can feel free to put on your safety goggles and helmets without needing to worry about your contact lenses.

5. Contact lenses are ideal for drivers and sports enthusiasts as they are unaffected by weather. Unlike eyeglasses that can easily fog or steam up, contact lenses can stay in their top shape regardless of any weather condition.

Obviously there are some situations and certain eye conditions that require regular glasses, and some people just never get comfortable with the extra time it takes to take care of the contacts, with cleaning, putting them in, taking them out, etc., but for the majority of people the benefits outweigh the negatives.

For the unfortunate few where glasses or contacts cannot solve their vision problems there is always the option of visiting a Lasik eye surgeon to correct the problem.

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