Tranquility With A Garden Fountain

garden water fountain

Garden Water Fountain

Having your own little garden with a fountain is the day to day equivalent of having a true sanctuary. A corner of nature, fairly away from the noise and stress of the modern world. This is probably the place you want to be in after a hard day’s work. A calm and serene environment, where you can leave aside any thought of paperwork, deadlines and meetings.

If there is anything that can enhance the tranquility of a peaceful garden, then it must be the water element.

In many traditions, both modern and ancient, water stands for life, tranquility and peaceful transformation. Its flow reminds us to the natural flow of time and life while its sound greatly helps to put one’s mind at peace. In a garden, the water element is best represented by having either a garden water fountain or a pond.

Indeed, nothing compares to the power of a water fountain’s trickling water sounds. In one instant your head is pounding under stress but after a few minutes by your outdoor water fountain and surround by your garden’s green your state of mind is suddenly transformed to a much more relaxed stature. This positive transformation towards a state of mental peace is indeed a priceless power to have at your disposal, as not many things can offer this kind of refreshing change today. These powers of the garden water fountain have been known since ancient times, when water fountains were popular decor in many houses.

Outdoor water fountains have long been a privilege of aristocrats and are best known for being depicted in houses of nobles from ancient times or mythological heroes. Thanks to our technological evolution, outdoor water fountains are becoming more and more present in modern gardens along with solar outdoor garden lighting. The prices of these fountains have dropped considerably and you can find them as cheap as 80 dollars in some online shops.

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