TV Mounting Options: Ceiling Mount Vs. Wall Mount

It is surprisingly common for someone to go out, buy their brand new dream television – maybe a top-of-the-line LCD or Plasma model, and very large – and only once they have it sitting in a box in their living room do they consider how exactly they are going to mount it.

There are a few different ways of doing it, including using a TV stand, a TV top shelf, a ceiling mount, and more. However, some of these are considerably more work than others, and unfortunately, many of the most space-efficient solutions are also the most difficult to achieve.

The last thing you want is for your new pride and joy that you just purchased from the electronics section at your favorite store to crash down on the floor in a big pile of bits, and that means paying extra attention to making its supports extremely strong. It is worth looking into the dedicated stand and shelf solutions on the market, rather than just placing the set on a table or what have you, in order to ensure that the furniture can support its full weight.

Take hanging shelves, for example. These use brackets mounted to the ceiling, and the set will essentially hang there in mid air, not taking up any floor space. You can imagine, though, that this requires very strong ceiling supports, so it is definitely not something that you can do yourself – a professional is required to ensure that the TV is mounted to a suitable joist or beam.

Wall mount TV top shelves are another option that will likely appeal to the more casual buyer, as although they are not quite so out-of-the-way as a ceiling mount, they are also much safer and easier to install yourself. These items usually involve a number of shelves that can be used to store various things like remote controls and movies, with a large central cabinet for the television.

TV wall mounts with shelves can either come with an open face or closing cabinet doors. This latter option is a good choice if you would like to disguise the set with a nice wooden furniture aesthetic during the day, one that matches your lift top coffee table.

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